Santiago de Surco

Santiago de Surco, or Surco for short, is a large district of Lima southeast of downtown inhabited by people of diverse socio-economic levels. Its markedly wealthier and more developed northern end, known as Monterrico, contains the district's four major shopping centers and more upper class housing than the rest of Surco. The district is home to some of Lima's most prestigious and exclusive universities and major avenues connect it with the rest of the city. Four times Surco won the title of "Garden District" for having some of the city's best-kept green spaces.

Surco also has a few attractions of interest to tourists, including the Gold Museum of Peru (Museo Oro del Perú). Every March during the Vineyard Harvest of Surco (Festival de la Vendimia) there is a fair for showcasing regional crafts, cuisine and traditional winemaking methods where a Queen of the Harvest is chosen and grapes are treaded by foot according to the age-old method. The historic San Juan Grande Church, built by Jesuits in 1752 and once one of the largest haciendas of the district, also finds itself here. During the War of the Pacific, the hacienda was used to lodge Peruvian troops and the child hero Julio César Escobar was killed by Chilean invaders at the base of the huge pine tree that once stood in the patio.

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