La Molina

La Molina is an upscale residential district of Lima that stands out for its abundance of public parks and top private schools. In fact, it boasts the highest density of green spaces in the entire city, and thanks to the safety and tranquility of its neighborhoods many Peruvian celebrities and politicians have chosen La Molina as their place of residence. This district of wide avenues and single-family dwellings also has modern office buildings, shopping malls and private universities. Its exclusive social clubs cater to the wealthier contingent of its upper- and middle-class residents, and two important private cemeteries can also be found here. La Molina serves as a model of development for the rest of Peru.

Avenida Constructores 1027, La Molina, Lima, Peru
Review Score 8.5
Opened in 1989, the La Molina Hotel is a modern business hotel offering stylish accommodation and a full range of services in the heart...
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