Jirón Cusco 215, Ayacucho, Peru
Review Score 7.0
Offering two-star accommodations along with fine dining in the heart of Ayacucho, Los Alamos' bright yellow building is easy to spot....
from USD 30 per night
Jirón Grau 101, Ayacucho, Peru
Occupying a well-maintained three-story building in downtown Ayacucho, the Hotel Universo consists of 31 elegant and classically...
from USD 45 per night
Urb. Maria Parado de Bellido Mz.O Lote 1, Ayacucho, Ayacucho, Peru
A stylish three-star leisure hotel with in-house restaurant that opened its doors for the first time in the summer of 2013, the...
from USD 31 per night
Jirón Teodoro Jauregui 117, Ayacucho, Peru
Review Score 10.0
The Kibo Hotel is a child-friendly hotel and specializes in providing a comfortable and safe place to stay for individuals, couples or...
from USD 45 per night
This is a zero-star hotel.
Probably due to the type of accommodation, this hotel or vacation rental has not been evaluated by existing star rating systems. The stars for this property are therefore awarded by Pacarama based on its expertise and knowledge of the hotel market in Peru and Chile.
Prices are per night per room