No sooner does the summer sun chase away the last of Lima's dreary winter clouds than the city's residents collectively drop everything and make a beeline for the beach. And if there's one beach resort coveted above all the rest, it's Asia. Sixty miles (96.5 km) south of the capital in the Cañete Province, Asia is a hotspot for vacationers looking to recharge their batteries with the perfect mix of beachside R&R and sizzling nightlife. It's all the rage with Lima's upper and middle classes, who settle in to their exclusive seafront bungalows and flip-flop down to their private beaches.

From December to April the town is a bustling paradise for beachgoers with its own open-air shopping mall, 18-hole golf course, sports facilities, restaurants serving a wide array of foods and, of course, a vast selection of trendy nightclubs, bars and discotheques. Cinemas, department stores, supermarkets and clothing shops are all right here. Once in a while the town will also host concerts and important sports events, but the real draw is the town's miles and miles of beautiful sandy beach basking in the rays of a flaming tropical sun.

Panamericana Sur Km 97.5, Boulevard Sur Plaza, Asia, Lima, Peru
Review Score 10.0
Aquavit Hotel is the only hotel on the Asia nightlife strip at kilometer 97.5 south of Lima and is widely considered to be the ultimate...
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Carretera Panamericana Sur Km. 97.5, Asia, Lima, Peru
Both domestic and international leisure travelers enjoy the inviting and relaxing atmosphere of the Hotel Las Palmeras de Asia. Far...
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