Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book online?
- Choose your destination using the search box or the map on the home page.
- Select the hotel you would like to see more information about by clicking on its listing.
- This will bring up a description of the hotel as well as facilities information and photos.
- If you haven't yet selected your check-in and check-out dates, do so now in order to view prices and availability information.
- Select the type(s) and number of rooms you need and click Book Now.
- The system will then request that you complete the booking form.
- You will need to make the Guarantee Payment in order to complete your booking.
- After completing payment, you will receive a confirmation email with all booking details.
I want to book a hotel. How do I pay?
Once you have selected a hotel (see question "How do I book online?") and you are on the booking page, you will see an overview of the payment schedule right below the total price. The payment schedule always includes two separate payments, as follows:

- Guarantee Payment. This payment, which is just a fraction of the total price, must be paid via credit card or PayPal at the time of booking.
- Payment at the Hotel. This is the second and final payment, consisting of the total price minus the Guarantee Payment, and is paid directly to the hotel upon your arrival.
Do I have to book in advance?
We always recommend that you book your accommodations well in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Hotel breaks are popular in Peru and Chile and rooms book up very quickly, especially during high season.
Can you check availability for me?
That's exactly what we offer! provides the technology for hotels to offer their rooms for online booking. However, has no control over current availabilities since it is the responsibility of each hotel to update its availability.

To check availability, enter the dates when you'll need a hotel and the system will tell you which hotels have matching availability.
What do the displayed prices stand for?
The displayed price is the total price for all rooms for the entire length of your stay. It includes any and all taxes, fees, service charges and other charges that may apply, with one exception. The only charge it does not include is the sales tax charged to residents of Peru and Chile. This sales tax is payable directly to the hotel.
What is the Guarantee Payment for?
The Guarantee Payment guarantees your reservation. This payment is only a fraction of your total accommodation costs and is charged by at the time of booking. The remaining sum is payable to the hotel upon your arrival.
Is the Guarantee Payment refundable in the event of a cancellation?
No. The Guarantee Payment is non-refundable, even if you decide to cancel your reservations.
Do I need to reconfirm before I arrive?
No, there is no need to reconfirm your reservations prior to your arrival at the hotel. Your booking confirmation number serves as a guarantee that your reservation has been made.
I haven't received a booking confirmation. What should I do?
We will send you a confirmation e-mail with your booking details if you have given us a valid e-mail address. Please note that due to the nature of the Internet and individual e-mail servers sometimes confirmation e-mails will not be received. If you are a registered user, however, you'll also be able to view your booking information in the My Bookings section of the website. To become a registered user of simply check that option during the booking process.

If you are not a registered user and you did not receive a confirmation email, please click here to contact one of our Customer Service representatives.
Once I have made my reservation, will I receive any written confirmation from the hotel?
No. The email confirmation you receive from is all you will need. It provides you with the hotel information, the rate, and your confirmation number.
I have booked the wrong room type. How do I change it?
You should contact the hotel directly to request a change to your reservation. Contact the hotel using the information provided in your confirmation email and be sure to cite your booking reference number in all your correspondence with them. It is up to the hotel whether or not any booking changes will be accepted.
I need to cancel my reservation. What should I do?
If you wish to cancel your reservation you must contact the hotel directly using the contact information provided in your confirmation e-mail. Don't forget to cite your booking reference number in all your correspondence with the hotel.

The Guarantee Payment is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.
Do I need to be a registered user to book online with you?
No, you do not need to be a registered user of to book any of the hotels on our site.
Can I make a reservation for a large number of people online?
Yes, you can make a confirmed online booking for any number of people you want.
I don't have a credit card or sufficient credit in my PayPal account. Can I still book?
Yes, you have two other options:

You can make the Guarantee Payment using the credit card of a family member or friend. The subsequent payment you make directly to the hotel can be made in cash.

If you're in Lima you can make the Guarantee Payment in cash at the offices of Capybara Internet Services, the customer service provider for

Capybara Internet Services, SAC.
Av. Elmer Faucett 1774, of. 202
Bellavista, Callao - PERU
Which credit card types are accepted for payment?
US Citizens can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. In most other countries, payment can be made with Visa and Mastercard.
My credit card number is correct but your credit card processor is not accepting it. Why?
- Your card type is not accepted. Use another type of credit card.
- You have submitted incorrect credit card details. Try again.
- You have reached your credit card limit. Contact your bank to raise the limit.
- Your credit or debit card lacks funds. Add funds to your card.
- Your bank does not authorize credit card charges from abroad. Contact your bank.
Is my credit card payment safe?
Yes! uses PayPal, one of the world leaders in online payments and Internet security. All information is encrypted online and transferred securely to their electronic processing system.
How long does it take to write a review?
Approximately 5-15 minutes, depending on the length of the review.
Will I automatically receive a request to write a review?
Yes, once you're back from your trip we'll send you a friendly request to write a review of the hotel.
Do I need to provide any personal, identifiable information?
You have the opportunity to provide your full name or part of your name if you wish, but this is completely optional.
What is your privacy policy?
We are very careful about protecting your personal information.
Will the hotel contact me after I post the review?
No; we do not violate the privacy of our customers by distributing information about them or their transactions to our hotel partners.
Will Pacarama contact me after I post a review?
Will the hotel be able to identify me as the writer of the review?
No; since does not provide the hotel with information regarding our customers and their transactions, the hotel will not know that you posted the review. However, if your review mentions specific incidents that occurred during your stay, it may be possible for the hotel to deduce that you wrote it.
Why should I write a review?
Writing a review allows you to share your knowledge and experiences with other travelers, helping them to make more informed choices.
Will my review be edited?
Except for the occasional correction of spelling errors we do not touch data entered by our customers. Therefore, reviews must meet all guidelines before they will be published. We encourage you to read the submission guidelines before writing your review.
What can I include in my review?
Please see the list of guidelines below.
Is there a deadline for writing and submitting my review?
You can write and submit your review anytime within the six-month period following the termination of your hotel stay.
What is the difference between a star rating and a review score?
Star ratings are's official indicators of the general quality of a particular hotel while review scores are based on customer reviews. Customer-generated reviews of a hotel express the opinions of customers who have recently stayed there and do not reflect the official position of; nor do we endorse the content of these reviews.
How is the hotel's overall review score calculated?
It is an average of all of the reviews received for the hotel. Since not all of these may be displayed on the website, the overall review score won't necessarily match the average of the reviews you're able to see.
Where will I find my review on the site?
If you visit the informational pages for the hotel you reviewed, you may see it displayed under Reviews.
What is the scale for review scores?
The lowest score is 1 and the highest score is 5.
Do I have to be a registered user to write a review?
Do I need to stay at a hotel to write a review?
Yes, you must have booked and stayed at the hotel in order to be eligible to write a review.
What are the guidelines for writing a review?
Please follow these guidelines:

- Do not write any words in all caps.
- Do not include hotel rates or other pricing information.
- Do not recommend or reference a hotel other than the one booked on this particular trip.
- Be as specific as possible. Other travelers want to know what you liked or disliked about the hotel.
- Do not comment on or question other reviews or the content of this website, all of which is subject to change without notice.
- Do not direct comments or questions to the hotel's staff.
- Refer only to businesses you frequented during your stay at the hotel (for example, restaurants, bars, theaters, and stores).
- Refrain from making false statements or unlawful remarks.
- Refrain from profanity and other objectionable content.
- Do not include telephone numbers, physical addresses, e-mail addresses, or any other information that can be linked to a specific individual.
- Do not include HTML tags or URLs.
- Do not quote material from websites, books, magazines, newspapers, or other sources.
- Do not impersonate someone else or include any information about another person.
Can you send me a brochure?
No. All the information we have about the property is displayed!

Each hotel has its own information page where you can find out everything you'll need to know about it. Here you'll find one or more photos and a description of the hotel, plus information about its facilities. It is the hotel's responsibility to keep this information up-to-date and accurate.
I'm looking for a hotel in a country other than Peru or Chile. Can you help me?
No, we can only help you book hotels located in Peru and Chile.
What type of customer service is offered?
Our qualified and friendly agents are available weekdays during Peruvian working hours. They'll be happy to answer your questions — all you have to do is ask.
Is there a hotel shuttle service to and from the airport?
Many hotels offer shuttle service to and from the airport. If the hotel you're interested in offers this service this may be indicated on its information page. Be aware that hotels may charge for this service.
Is parking available? Free parking? Long-term parking?
Most hotels and apartments offer free parking to their guests. Long-term parking may or may not be available, depending on hotel policy.
Our children will be with us. How should we book?
We recommend that you book a room according to the number of guests that will occupy it. If you can't find a room that can accommodate the desired number of guests, be sure to check the hotel's policy regarding children and extra beds or cribs.
Do children pay full price?
The prices shown are per room per stay and do not depend on the age of the guests. However, be sure to check the hotel's policy regarding extra beds and cribs as described on the hotel's information page.
Where can I find directions to the hotel?
On the hotel's information page a map is provided to give you an idea of how far it is from the airport and other landmarks.
Is breakfast included?
Many hotels offer free breakfast. always clearly indicates whether the room price includes breakfast.
Where can I find the hotel's telephone number and/or e-mail address?
Once you have completed the booking process, the hotel's telephone number and e-mail address are provided in a confirmation e-mail. The physical address of each hotel is always provided at the top of its information page.