Av. dos Espadartes 129, Ogiva, Cabo Frio, Brazil
Pousada Portoveleiro's premises boast a splendid private beach zone and jetty, separate swimming pool for adults and children, massage...
from USD 49 per night

Casa Dois Gatos 

Rua Rosalina Terra 6, Portinho, Cabo Frio
The Casa Dois Gatos is a quaint hotel facing the tranquil waters of the Itajura Canal. Bright accent walls, antique pottery, and modern furnishings can be found throughout the property. Standard rooms are equipped with cable televisions, a sitting area, and a ...
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This is a zero-star hotel.
Probably due to the type of accommodation, this hotel or vacation rental has not been evaluated by existing star rating systems. The stars for this property are therefore awarded by Pacarama based on its expertise and knowledge of the hotel market in Peru and Chile.
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